Our expertise and experience allow us to take on broader mandates than the average insurance broker.

Ethicor Financial Corporation: a turnkey solution for all your social benefits needs. You wish to offer your employees a simple and affordable plan? With its expertise, Ethicor is able to meet all your needs. Offering professional and tailored services, Ethicor Financial Corporation is always there for its clients and employees.


Ethicor Financial Corporation is an independent brokerage firm. Privately own we don’t represent just one supplier but many Financial Institutions. Our recommendations are based on the needs of our customers and the selected suppliers are those who will provide the plan best suited to the needs of our customers.  Our compensation fees are based on the rules of the selected provider and we offer complete transparency as to the nature of this compensation.


  • Generate tender for new or existing Plan
  • Prepare requirements specification and analysis of selected suppliers proposals
  • Recommend and implement Group Benefits Plan.
  • Support and assistance to HR department
  • Presentation & training for your employees


  • Analysis of common and complex Group Benefits Plans
  • Implementation of new Group Plans (Flexible, Modular, Self-Insured)
  • Analysis of the protections for key individuals and creation of division
  • Improve and modification of existing Plans (Health Spending Account)
  • Consolidation of existing Plans (fees reduction)s


  • Expertise in Government Programs and Social Laws
  • Calculation of premiums and taxable benefits
  • Premiums distribution analysis and maximisation
  • Tax optimization based on the reduction of the taxation benefits costs
  • Knowledge on unionized environment and multi-site divisions


  • Plan cost control planning
  • Evaluation and negotiation of experience based benefits rates
  • Compare and generate reports of drugs and dental care claims
  • Financial and comparative analysis on taxable benefits costs share
  • Quantitative evaluation of the loss ratio and experience target average

Providing a retirement plan is often seen as a competitive advantage for your business. Give your employees access to some of the most effective savings instruments thanks to Ethicor Financial Corporation.

  • Group Registered Retirement Saving Plan – Group RRSP
  • Deferred Profit-Sharing Plan – DPSP
  • Tax-Free Saving Account – TFSA
  • Registered Retirement Income Fund – RRIF
  • Registered Pension Plan – RPP
  • Simplified Pension Plan – SPP
  • Defined Contribution Plan – DCP
  • Defined Benefit Plan – DBP
  • Individual Pension Plan – IPP
  • Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan – VRSP

Our commitment: Continuous monitoring with the Plan Manager and/or Governance Committee. To be always present for your employees, at all phases of their employment ,with your Company (hiring, during the employment and at retirement). Improve the overall knowledge of your employees on Finance and retirement planning.

Our recommendations

  • Selection of the most cost-effective and best products provider.
  • Assist the Employer with their obligations and responsibilities
  • Help your employees to build a tailored made portfolio according to their investor profile
  • Strengthened your employees financial situation throughout retirement
  • Build a tax-efficient solution for your retirement plans