Do you believe in your project and know that your products or services meet the needs of the market?

Here are a few elements to help you launch your business.

First steps

There is no one way to start a business. The way you approach it will be influenced by your financial situation, your needs, the location where you are starting your business and the nature of your business. Depending of the scope of the project and the services you want to offer, in addition to thinking about your financial security and that your business, you should also think about the following:

Name and business plan

Come up with a unique, catchy and distinctive name for your business that reflects your values and the products and services you offer. Check websites, such as Canada Business Network to see whether you can use the name you’ve come up with.  Whether you are starting off part-time or full time or whether you are starting up the business alone or with partners, writing up your business plan and determining your objectives will help you in this process.

Registration and requirements

Throughout the process, you should think about obtaining your business’s name, a business number and an account to collect sales tax. You may also have to register and licence your business at the municipal, provincial or federal level. If you start your business in Quebec, the Registraire des entreprises, the provincial government’s business registrar, can help you. Depending on the nature of your business and the location where you are starting up, you may also have to obtain specific permits and licences in order to operate.

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